Boardwave and Mindstone partner to address AI skills and knowledge gap in software

Boardwave, a networking community tailored for UK and European software leaders, and Mindstone, a global community dedicated to the practical application of Artificial Intelligence (AI), have announced a partnership aimed at expanding the reach of Mindstone's AI Meetup Community to include all Boardwave members and their employees.

Concurrently, Boardwave membership will become available to each software founder and CEO within the Mindstone Meetup Community.

AI is set to transform every facet of business operations, with projections indicating it will contribute €600 billion in gross value added (GVA) to the European economy by 2030. Despite this, a gap in skills and knowledge among founders and C-suite executives remains largely unaddressed, posing a risk to the effective deployment and maximisation of AI's potential. To maintain competitiveness, it is crucial for leaders of UK and European software companies to enhance their AI capabilities, ensuring their businesses are well-equipped to drive advancements in AI across various sectors, thereby securing a stronger position against international competitors during this digital upheaval.

Enhancing AI Adoption Rates

This collaboration aims to demystify AI for software leaders and their teams by offering practical advice, guidance, and training at no charge. Boardwave's rapidly expanding community, which now includes over 1,400 members and their staff, will have the opportunity to participate in any of Mindstone's Meetup events across Europe. Mindstone has already conducted programmes for more than 3,500 senior-level participants in seven key cities, including London, Madrid, Istanbul, Helsinki, and Sofia. Furthermore, Boardwave members will gain access to the Mindstone AI Mastery Program, an online training initiative.

Fostering Growth in AI Startups & Scaleups

Mindstone's Meetup community, consisting of 5,000 members who are AI CEOs or founders, is now eligible to join the Boardwave community, connecting with 1,400 other software leaders in Europe without any cost. Through networking, idea exchange, knowledge sharing, best practices, and mentoring, Boardwave aims to empower European software leaders to accelerate and scale their enterprises more effectively. Newly established AI founders will find in this network a valuable resource to propel them to the forefront of the industry.

Delivering significant value to the software industry

Phill Robinson, CEO and Co-Founder of Boardwave, commented: “Currently, when it comes to AI adoption, Europe is being overshadowed by the United States and China. Europe has been quietly struggling with a growing competitiveness crisis and technology gap for almost 20 years. However, there is a real and present opportunity to shift this position. Europe contains an exceptionally vibrant technology sector and home to a plethora of businesses with deep industry knowledge and market-leading opportunity. With AI better embedded across the sector, we believe that by 2033 the European Software industry can move from laggard to leader. Key to this will be expertise, knowledge sharing and collaboration to efficiently help deliver against this objective. Strategic, European-wide partnerships, such as this one, will allow us to remove some of the barriers we face across the continent and instead address this challenge as a single market.”

Joshua Wöhle, CEO and Co-Founder at Mindstone, added: “CTOs and founders are now demanding more of their workforce; there is a real emphasis on being adaptable and leveraging technology such as AI to improve productivity. However, these very same people need to lead from the front, and there is a critical gap in their own knowledge and skill sets that needs to be addressed. I’m pleased to be able to extend our AI Meetup Community to all Boardwave members and their employees, and help their extensive network of European software founders and CEOs accelerate their business growth through the practical application of AI.”