bloss launch app connecting employers and employees with parenting experts

bloss, the family life-focused technology platform, launches its much-anticipated app.

Aimed at helping businesses support their employees by providing access to expert-led support for every life stage; from fertility and pregnancy to parenthood, allyship and support for others. bloss is set to transform the way in which businesses are supporting their people and accommodating a more hybrid workforce by offering digital health services - because when it comes to family life, there is no one-size-fits-all solution.

Currently, over 41% of UK households are reporting both parents are in full-time employment as we face yet further financially challenging times ahead. bloss’ mission is to help organisations enhance employee engagement and productivity by offering access to digital health and wellbeing support through their employee benefits system. With more and more businesses understanding the importance of introducing support for employees at every stage of their family journey, they are helping them fulfil their career aspirations, whilst also balancing home life.

“Times are changing. Supporting your employees is now considered a powerful, strategic business investment as opposed to an unnecessary expenditure.” says Stephanie Desmond, CEO and Founder of bloss.

The pandemic has seen a huge shift in the way we work as well as the value of easily accessible healthcare. These two elements combined, demonstrate just how incredibly important it is for businesses to provide support across a number of life stages to its employees.

From starting a family via non-traditional paths to parenthood, fertility treatment, pregnancy and mental health to menopause, parenting teenagers and children’s health; this complex life cycle opens itself up to a wealth of information available but with no clear starting point.

bloss provides a single point of entry for both organisations and employees to access a range of practical, confidential advice, emotional support, and resources from hundreds of qualified experts available at the touch of a button at a time that suits them best.

Where GPs were traditionally the first port of call for anyone seeking advice, long waiting lists and lack of appointments caused by the pandemic have meant that we are far more reliant on search engines for support.

With bloss, no appointments are needed and there are no long waiting lists. Users benefit from 24/7 access to ‘The Clinic’, which is a confidential, instant messaging capability, connecting individuals with qualified experts relating to their specific needs. Users also receive access to one-to-one video calls, therapy sessions, workshops, webinars and thousands of free downloadable tools and resources all at the touch of a button at a time which suits them best.

One of the first UK business to take advantage of this offer for their employees. John Lewis spokesperson Stacey MacDougall, Health & Wellbeing Development Manager commented.

“We want our Partners to be happy and have a wide range of resources available to support their wellbeing, which is why we are working with bloss.”

Bloss will be available to John Lewis employees in August 2022.

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Bloss is a UK-based technology platform that connects users to parenting experts.

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