blip small business insurance now up to a third cheaper

Insurtech startup Blip has introduced small business insurance policies that are, on average, one-third cheaper than the lowest prices available on comparison websites.

In addition to competitive pricing, Blip offers a price match guarantee and an annual profit-share model as part of its comprehensive triple-lock guarantee.

Unlike other insurers, Blip does not list its policies on comparison websites. Instead, it engages directly with customers to ensure they receive the best possible price. Blip is reviving the traditional insurance principle: the premiums paid by the many cover the claims of the few. By eliminating middlemen who inflate prices, Blip is able to offer a unique triple-lock guarantee for small businesses:

  • Compare: Blip's prices are, on average, up to one-third cheaper than those found on comparison websites
  • Match: Blip guarantees to match any lower price discovered by a small business owner, ensuring the most competitive deal
  • Profit-share: At the end of each year, if total claims and expenses are less than the total premiums collected, Blip shares the profits with its customers. Blip anticipates returning up to 10% of the total policy premium to its members

Blip’s approach aims to provide small businesses with affordable and reliable insurance, fostering a direct and transparent relationship with its customers.

Gary Ross, CEO of blip said: “By cutting out the middlemen we avoid passing on administration fees to our customers and instead offer prices that are, on average, up to a third cheaper than those found on Go Compare, Simply Business and other price comparison websites. This direct-to-customer model ensures that blip consistently offers the most competitive rates in the market.”

Understanding that insurance is not always a top priority for small businesses, blip focuses on providing fast, easy-to-understand policies at the best prices. Additionally, blip offers access to an online community and useful tools, giving customers more time to concentrate on what truly matters – their business. blip’s commitment to customer satisfaction extends beyond competitive pricing.

Gary Ross continues; “At blip we know the most important thing for small business owners when it comes to their insurance is price. We have streamlined our platform to remove unnecessary and costly stages of the insurance value chain allowing us to offer the most competitive price on the market. We’re on average up to a third cheaper than the best price out there and on the rare occasion we’re not we’ll match that price!”

blip’s model challenges the traditional perception of insurance companies as entities that take from customers. Instead, blip is pioneering a customer-centric approach that prioritises affordability, simplicity, and community support.