Bioniq’s personalised supplements from blood test

Bioniq, a precision health startup, is now offering personalised supplements, Bioniq PRO, for customers from all over the world. The startup expands access to personalised supplements worldwide using its patented algorithm that already leverages data from more than 40,000 people with over 4 million biochemical data points.

The Bioniq algorithm now has grown more robust and more precise than ever. The resulting level of Bioniq personalisation is 200,000 times higher than similar products on the market.

The company was founded in London in 2019, offering the world’s most personalised supplements based on a blood test. Since then, its database has extended across over 40,000 people and 60,000 blood tests that screen for a vast number of parameters such as cholesterol, hormone levels, insulin count and the presence of microelements like ferritin and copper. Bioniq possesses one of the most genetically diverse and largest biochemical databases, and its analyses are based on questionnaires and proprietary technology.

Now, consumers from any country in the world can get personalised supplements either by booking a blood test through Bioniq or uploading a recent blood test report. This data allows Bioniq to get a thorough understanding of the client’s current nutrient status, then identify imbalances and address them by providing a 100% tailor-made daily supplement formula.

Bioniq Founder and CEO, Vadim Fedotov says of the launch, “I couldn’t be more proud of the work we’ve done to bring this level of unprecedented precision to the supplements market. Identifying real nutrient imbalances and taking a personalised supplement formula to address them can help individuals not only feel better but also perform better and stay healthier over time. At Bioniq, we’re taking personalised health to a whole new level!”

Over the past several years, the Bioniq team has developed its unique algorithm to offer the highest level of personalisation for supplements in the industry - for customers all over the world. By helping to address underlying micronutrient imbalances, Bioniq’s personalised supplements enable clients to benefit from improved energy, better sleep quality, faster recovery and healthier aging.

Bioniq customers are able to receive a tailor-made supplement formula based on blood tests collected by Bioniq in 12 countries across North America, Europe, the Middle East and Asia. Or clients can upload blood test results from any lab in the world. Bioniq supplements are shipped globally.

Bioniq is backed by the leading European investment funds, including HV Capital (DE) and Unbound (UK), Rocket Internet (DE), Porsche Ventures, and others.

The global personalised nutrition and supplements market has witnessed lucrative growth since 2020 and is expected to reach $131.62 billion by 2030, a 15.0% CAGR. Healthtech and personalised supplements are still viewed positively by investors, despite predicted economic shrinkage.