The benefits of being shortlisted for a Hustle Award

The Hustle Awards stands as the paramount acknowledgment in the realm of tech startups, distinguished by a rigorous and impartial adjudication process led by esteemed luminaries in the business sphere.

Don't be disheartened if winning isn't immediate! Being shortlisted holds incredible benefits for your business. Let us illuminate the advantages awaiting your company.


The Hustle Awards stands as the pinnacle of excellence in our industry. Emerging victorious elevates your company's, brand's, and product's credibility, significantly bolstering your prospects for securing funding.


The impact of branding extends far beyond the event itself. Your business will bask in global PR and marketing opportunities for a substantial six-month (or longer) period—a platform you can leverage for your own promotional strategies.


Prospective clients seek validation from external sources. The association with the esteemed Hustle Awards brings unparalleled brand credibility and visibility, attracting new business opportunities.


Being shortlisted sparks enthusiasm among participating businesses. Recognition of their efforts fosters improved engagement, productivity, and overall wellbeing among team members.


In a fiercely competitive market, being shortlisted serves as an endorsement. It allows you to proclaim your company as one to watch or work for, aiding in the attraction and retention of top-tier talent.

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Entry Deadline: 5th April 2024

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