The eighth annual edition of VivaTech, Europe's biggest event dedicated to startups and tech, is taking place 22-25 May in Paris at Expo Porte de Versailles.

A veritable crossroads for business and innovation, VivaTech once again promises to show why it has become an unmissable stop on the international business calendar. With its expanding global reach and emphasis on crucial themes like AI, sustainable tech, and mobility, VivaTech stands as the premier destination for decoding emerging trends and assessing their economic and societal implications.

More international, more business, more positive impact

The 2024 edition of VivaTech promises to be a landmark event, with a 30% increase in the number of European countries present compared to the previous year. VivaTech will welcome more than 120 countries and 40 pavilions, including a first-ever appearance by the United Kingdom among the 14 European countries represented. Japan, "Country of the Year", will be showcasing its tech ecosystem and arriving with a delegation of institutions, companies and startups, while many other countries in Asia as well as in America and Africa will also be well-represented. VivaTech will also host the AfricaTech Awards for the third year running.

As the leading business platform, VivaTech will provide fertile ground for more than 2,500 startups and 2,000 international investors such as Accel, KKR, Lightspeed and Northzone. 350 companies and organisations will be present, covering the 25 most dynamic market sectors, including automotive, healthcare and retail. VivaTech is also introducing a new program designed to assist business leaders (CMOs, CIOs, CTOs, CDOs…) in sparking growth and innovation.

As part of its growing commitment to responsible tech, VivaTech is devoting 10% of its exhibition space to this area, including the Impact Bridge, a new space sponsored by EDF which brings together startups, innovations and not-for-profit associations in a responsible tech approach.

Everything you need to know about AI to understand the impact of the new digital transformation

AI is revolutionising all sectors, moving from an innovative technology to an indispensable tool – 88% of business leaders surveyed by VivaTech plan to invest in AI in 20241. AI will take center stage at VivaTech this year, with 37% of our partners presenting their AI-based solutions, and with the AI Mile, a new space designed to spotlight some of the innovators in artificial intelligence:

  • Esper Bionics (USA) has launched "Esper Hand", an AI-powered smart prosthesis that anticipates users' movements. This revolutionary technology relies on self-learning to provide human dexterity in everyday activities.
  • Vitafluence (USA), Funded by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, this data and analysis company uses AI to accelerate drug discovery and reuse: Reduces the time it takes to find new drugs by 10 years for a budget divided by 10.
  • Everdian (France) uses AI in data visualisation for live news and events. The company specialises in anticipation, detection and crisis management, including the identification of fake news.

Each of the innovations presented will be applicable across all 25 economic sectors represented at VivaTech, reflecting the broad spectrum of AI applications. In addition, there will be no-holds-barred discussions on the societal issues surrounding AI, with speakers such as Arthur Mensch, co-founder and president of Mistral AI; Dario Amodei, co-founder and CEO of Anthropic; and Sneha Revanur, founder and president of Encode Justice, ensuring a comprehensive understanding and in-depth reflection on the impact and potential of AI.

"As every year, VivaTech will feature innovations associated with tech, startups and, of course, artificial intelligence, which is at the heart of almost every company's strategy. The awareness of all that AI offers in all sectors is inevitably accompanied by a growing understanding of risks to employment that can be a consequence of its excessive or uncontrolled use. There is a growing consensus on the need for regulation, as confirmed by our recent survey. Debates at VivaTech featuring the most advanced and seasoned experts will highlight the full potential of AI, its positive advances and innovative solutions in fields such as health, cybersecurity, climate, industry,
education, and so on. It is these discussions and many others that will inform entrepreneurs' decisions over the next 12 months," explain Vivatech’s co-organisers Maurice Lévy, Chairman of the Supervisory Board of Publicis Groupe; and Pierre Louette, CEO of Les Echos - Le Parisien Group,

93% of business leaders consider sustainable tech to be strategic for meeting tomorrow's challenges

Sustainable tech, a subject of great importance and public concern, is also a key issue for business leaders. According to the VivaTech survey, 93% of the respondents in Europe and the United States are convinced that tech is a major ally in meeting tomorrow's challenges. Investment in this sector is on the rise, predicted to double by 2027 to encourage innovation in the face of climate change. Witness the success of sustainable tech startups, which managed to raise a record 51 billion USD by 2023.

Among the solutions presented this year at VivaTech:

  • Agrist (Japan) spearheads agricultural innovation with AI-powered robots that facilitate harvesting and enable real-time analysis of soil data to improve crop management.
  • Value Park (France) was set up to develop technologies for producing renewable cold from marine resources.
  • Bioteos (France) is a solution for improving air quality using microscopic algae. This technology makes it possible to treat not only atmospheric pollutants but also viruses and bacteria.

Among this year's speakers: Alloysius Attah, CEO of Farmerline; Rachel Delacour, co-founder, CEO and president of SWEEP; Craig Douglas, general partner of World Fund; and Christophe Gras, general partner of Planet A Ventures.

At the intersection of AI and sustainable tech, mobility takes center stage at VivaTech

The mobility sector shows what can be done best when technologies like AI intersect with an issue as important as sustainability in a business context. This year, this sector will have a prominent place at VivaTech, thanks in particular to a first collaboration with Tesla, whose entire ecosystem will be showcased in a dedicated area highlighting its mission to accelerate the global transition to sustainable energy. VivaTech is also proud to host Software République and their CEOs in a conversation on Stage One.

Other key announcements, exclusives and innovations are in store at VivaTech, notably from Peugeot / Stellantis, which aims to become the European leader in electric cars by 2025 and which will present launches and exclusives such as the "Inception" concept car and the disruptive "Hypersquare" technology; but also from Fly-Box, a startup specializing in eco-friendly freight transport; from Airbus with its innovative air mobility solutions; and from the ADP Group with Volocopter and with their vision of the airport of the future.

François Bitouzet, Managing Director of VivaTech: "Viva Technology is an essential gathering place for business and tech, showcasing the best startups and leading companies from around the world. Innovation is booming, driven by AI, by positive impact challenges, and by entrepreneurs who are in the starting blocks to seize all these decisive opportunities. To decipher these new trends and understand their impact on our economies but also on our societies, our political systems and our planet, VivaTech 2024 brings together for four days the best in innovation and tech ecosystems, as well as speakers and economic decision-makers from more than 120 countries.”