Angel Business Club: Carving Out Investment Success in 2021

Angel Business Club will lift the lid on the secrets to investment success when the club’s Insights Series returns on Wednesday 17th March.

The fifth webinar of the series, How the Angel Business Club Accesses the Best Investment Deals You’ve Never Heard Of, will explore the key ingredients and processes used to bring members financial reward.

Angel Business Club’s financial advisor, Dominic Berger, will unveil how the club accesses premium private equity deal-flow by working closely with strategic and institutional partners.

He said: “Finding and choosing the right opportunities to invest in is an art in itself. Angel Business Club has managed to secure critical partnerships that provide high quality deal flow, which is typically only reserved for a select few.”

Last month Berger led an hour-long webinar on how people should approach investment projects, with a focus on understanding a company’s worth prior to investing, and giving them a deeper understanding of how to select the right projects to invest in.

Previous webinars in the series have looked at the mental cost of building a business, picking business winners, and inspiring mental wellbeing in the workplace.

The How the Angel Business Club Accesses the Best Investment Deals You’ve Never Heard Of webinar will be held at 6pm (UK time) on Wednesday, 17th March. Register for the webinar here.

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Angel Business Club

The Angel Business Club is a private members business accelerator community Angel Business Club provides its members the opportunity to participate in the growth and profit of extraordinary businesses.

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