American AI Vanguard Arrives in Europe: WMF - We Make Future and Prophets of AI Announce Partnership for High-Quality Dissemination of Artificial Intelligence

A multitude of experts are poised to impart fresh insights, expertise, and perspectives on the profound implications of AI across diverse sectors in Italy. This enlightening discourse extends beyond Italy's borders, encompassing Spain, Bulgaria, and Turkey in a select quadrilateral of knowledge. This collaborative endeavour is facilitated by the synergy between Search On Media Group, the innovative engine driving WMF - We Make Future, and Prophets of AI, a preeminent authority in AI research and the advocacy of expert speakers.

A privileged flow of knowledge, skills, and verified information on everything related to Artificial Intelligence: this is what the new collaboration between Search On Media Group, the creative and organising force of WMF - We Make Future, and Prophets Of AI, an American leader in connecting with renowned experts in artificial intelligence, robotics, and philosophy, means for Italy.

"We are thrilled about this collaboration that aligns with Search On and WMF's direction since 2016: to promote education and training on AI topics, through sharing knowledge and expertise," explains Cosmano Lombardo, Founder and CEO of Search On Media Group and creator of WMF. "Thanks to the speakers from Prophets of AI, we open up the opportunity for our country to access the vision and experiences of experts who are contributing to understanding and outlining global developments in Artificial Intelligence."

This new addition builds upon the numerous initiatives promoted and organized by Search On Media Group and WMF since 2016, aimed at spreading culture and training on Artificial Intelligence. These include educational podcasts, free live events, and specialised events such as the AI Festival, coming on February 14 and 15 to Milan, and WMF itself, which hosts the AI Global Summit featuring the world's most advanced robots, tools, training, speakers, and international brands. This history of activities now enables Search On and WMF to represent an entity like Prophets of AI in Italy.

"This strategic alliance stems from a shared commitment to the positive impact of digital innovation on education, entrepreneurial empowerment, and employment. Prophets of AI's unparalleled list of world-renowned experts in artificial intelligence, philosophy, and social impact aligns perfectly with WMF's mission to shape a better future through collective contributions," states Matthew Chavira, CEO of Prophets of AI.

The collaboration indeed arises from a communion of values and objectives, seeing innovative technologies, with Artificial Intelligence at the forefront, as tools useful for global society's sustainable and inclusive development. Central to this vision are education and training, crucial steps for a conscious and virtuous use of AI.

In line with this vision, Prophets of AI's panel of speakers includes acclaimed experts - such as Andreas Welsch, Jerry Kaplan, Ben Goertzel, and David Hanson - who have made significant contributions to the advancement of artificial intelligence, robotics, and consciousness fields, coming from diverse backgrounds like computer science, informatics, art, and finance. Among them are Microsoft MVP award winners, government leaders, artists, and individuals featured in the coveted list of Time Magazine’s 100 Most Influential in AI who share their knowledge to provide valuable insights into the world of AI and its practical, ethical, and creative applications.

The topics tackled by these experts, who will start sharing their experience, also include the use of artificial intelligence and machine learning for business objectives, the intersection of AI and art, artificial intelligence in government activities, and the ethics and social implications of AI, all analysed with a clear goal: to ensure human-centred AI practices.

Search On and WMF emerge as pivotal intermediaries and direct conduits for the propagation of culture, information, and education concerning Artificial Intelligence, acting as the representatives of Prophets of AI across Italy, Spain, Bulgaria, and Turkey. This commitment entails forging collaborations within Italy to facilitate the participation of speakers in various events, initiatives, and manifestations focused on Artificial Intelligence. By doing so, they play a vital role in disseminating authoritative knowledge and expertise, enriching the discourse surrounding this transformative field.