AI Innovation Centre launched in London

Genpact has announced the launch of its Genpact Artificial Intelligence (AI) Innovation Centre in London, marking a significant step in the company's commitment to transforming businesses through AI-driven outcomes.

This new centre is set up for collaborative innovation with clients, aiming to harness AI for business transformation in various sectors including supply chain management, finance and accounting, customer care, and insurance underwriting. Genpact is also prioritising the upskilling of its workforce of 125,000, anticipating the creation of new jobs in the UK.

Leveraging its experience in AI and deep industry knowledge, the centre aims to address the challenges and opportunities AI presents to businesses. It will focus on accelerating client projects from concept to production, providing detailed guidance and urging businesses to explore AI's potential beyond productivity enhancements.

Genpact is investing in its employees' development through its online learning platform, Genome, and plans to add up to 500 highly skilled jobs in the UK over the next two to three years.

Lord Dominic Johnson, Minister of State in the Department for Business and Trade, UK, said: “The UK is firmly on track to being a Science & Technology superpower, and the launch of Genpact’s AI centre is testament to our reputation as a centre for tech innovation and world-leading talent and R&D capabilities.”

The AI Innovation Centre in the UK is expected to be the first among several such centres worldwide, part of Genpact's $600M investment in AI over the next three years. The company aims to assist clients in identifying high-value use cases, drawing from industry-specific best practices.

Jas Narang, Chief Transformation Officer and Director of Financial Crime, Santander UK, shared: "As we continuously seek to improve the experience of our customers at Santander, we are exploring how to become a digital-first bank with a human touch, built on stronger foundations, radically simpler processes and smarter solutions.

"Partnering with Genpact has helped us to accelerate digital experiences for our key customer journeys and implement smarter ways of working. We are looking at how AI can make further improvements, to scale our business at pace."

Currently, Genpact is testing over 90 specific generative AI solutions with clients or internal teams, moving beyond proof of concepts and pilots to deploying solutions in live production environments.

Shibu Nambiar, Global Business Leader, Hi-Tech, Genpact, commented: “Artificial Intelligence is pushing businesses to rethink how they work and our clients across all industries are actively exploring how it can benefit them to solve business challenges.

“To help our clients integrate AI effectively, we are focusing on outcomes beyond productivity, workflows that augment employees’ work, and responsible generative AI frameworks. Experimentation is our status quo.”