AI image platform for architects Gendo raises $1.1M pre-seed

Gendo, an AI platform transforming the architectural design process, has secured an oversubscribed $1.1 million (£855,000) pre-seed round led by Concept Ventures, with participation from Ascension Ventures, Carles Reina’s Baobab Ventures, and notable angels from the AI and architecture sectors, including the former Global Head of Design Studios at WeWork.

Currently in beta with renowned architecture firms such as Zaha Hadid Architects, KPF, David Chipperfield Architects, and Benoy, Gendo leverages generative AI and machine learning to transform sketches and ideas into detailed visualisations within seconds. This cutting-edge tool enhances the efficiency of visualisation, which is crucial for winning competitive bids and advancing projects from concept to construction.

Founded by architectural designer George Proud and software engineer Will Jones, Gendo was created to address the inefficiencies in traditional project visualisation methods. The browser-based platform can convert 2D drawings, sketches, or text prompts into realistic visualisations, offering multiple options and allowing for detailed edits. Users can mask sections, adjust colours, lighting, and structural features, and add era-specific furniture, culturally appropriate figures, and accurate topographical elements with ease.

This pre-seed funding will enable Gendo to enhance its AI capabilities, introduce new features for architects and designers, and expand its London-based team. Following a successful beta phase with leading architectural firms, Gendo is now available in early access.

George Proud, CEO & co-founder at Gendo, comments: “Mainstream generative image platforms can be really impressive, but they simply aren’t fit for purpose when it comes to a sector like architecture and design. In our industry, detail and precision is everything. Gendo has been designed specifically for these professionals; we’ve built an AI platform that speeds up design work and allows creativity to flourish.

“We’re eliminating the burdensome processes currently involved in visualisations and instead making it an efficient, instinctive and empowering experience. Gone is the era of waiting days to receive one small image of a tree to add to your design. We’re thrilled with how well the platform has been received amongst leading architecture firms during our beta and we’re looking forward to partnering with industry further to enhance the value of Gendo’s tools.”

Oliver Kicks, Partner at Concept Ventures, adds: "Concept Ventures are delighted to have led Gendo's pre-seed round. We strongly believe that the products built by (and for) domain experts in a post-AI era can truly transform workplace productivity and deliver order-of-magnitude improvements to their daily workflows. We can't wait to see what this great team builds next."

Franquibel Lima, Former Global Head of Design Studios at WeWork, comments: “Gendo is powering intelligent design iteration with unparalleled focus on intuitive user interface. The controllability and quality of output straight from 2D images is outstanding.”

Carles Reina from Baobab Ventures, comments: "George and Will represent the best founder-market-fit you can find. Not only are they experts in the AEC industry but they’ve also built and launched the best product in the market that is already being used by some of the top firms in the world. Architecture and design didn't need stepped workflow improvements but rather a new method to enable them to do more work, more quickly whilst retaining high quality. This is Gendo."