AI-driven multi-cloud security solution, now on GitHub

Multi-cloud adoption is on the rise as organisations recognise the advantages of using multiple cloud providers. Cisco reports that 92% of organisations use more than two cloud providers, and 90% of large enterprises have embraced multi-cloud solutions to harness their benefits.

Using multiple Clouds is akin to having backup plans: if one falters, another takes over, ensuring the organisation's data remains protected. This approach allows access to the best services from each provider, freeing organisations from reliance on a single provider. It can also lead to cost savings, as providers often compete on pricing, and ensures faster, more reliable data access across different regions.

However, the multi-cloud approach isn't without its challenges. Diverse security controls and configurations can introduce complexity. It becomes challenging to maintain oversight across platforms, ensure consistent security, and manage compliance.

Oasis Defender, a Dubai-based cloud security startup, identified a niche where organisations using multi-cloud desperately needed a solution. To address this, their team developed an AI-driven tool that streamlines multi-cloud security, making it easier to handle challenges and keep data secure.

Their team has diverse expertise, with members well-versed as security researchers, those holding PhD degrees in engineering and software development, and an M.D. in computer science. Michael Rostov, a cybersecurity expert and the CBDO and Co-Founder of Oasis Defender, sees their startup not merely as a typical SaaS solution provider. Instead, he envisions it as a platform that genuinely impacts and enhances businesses, making a tangible difference in day-to-day multi-cloud scenarios.

Oasis Defender stands at the forefront of multi-cloud security, leveraging advanced machine learning and AI algorithms. The SaaS solution continuously evolves based on user feedback, and its scalability makes the solution easy to adapt to various cloud environments. The embedded collaboration tools facilitate efficient teamwork and communication.

Following the open-source distribution model, Oasis Defender aims to attract more B2B users, enhance solution quality, and improve time-to-market. By making its software accessible on GitHub, the team encourages the security community to engage, assess, and contribute, fostering collaboration, and innovation within the cybersecurity realm.

Their MVP solution is now accessible on GitHub for those keen on exploring an innovative approach to multi-cloud security. Oasis Defender invites tech enthusiasts, software professionals, and IT decision-makers to delve into their solution's capabilities.

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Startup Details


Oasis Defender

AI-driven software for unified visualisation and configuration of multi-cloud security

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