Aerospace Xelerated Launches Women in STEM Mentorship Programme

Aerospace Xelerated has launched a 12-month global mentorship program for university students and professional women designed to help mentees advance their careers in STEM fields, with a focus on aerospace and aviation.

In honour of pioneering English mathematician and writer Ada Lovelace, applications for the AX Women in STEM Mentorship Programme opened on Ada Lovelace Day, and will close on December 10th, 2023.

The AX Women in STEM Mentorship Programme is open to women currently working in STEM or interested in pursuing a career in STEM, including founders, entrepreneurs, young professionals, students, freelancers, and ambitious women who want to break into the field and build up their network.

Despite efforts in recent years to inspire and engage women and girls in scientific pursuits, there remains a persistent gender gap in full participation within the scientific community. The current situation has a significant impact on the global economy – according to the UN, over the past decade, women’s exclusion from the digital sphere alone has shaved $1 trillion off the GDP of low- and middle-income countries. The AX Women in STEM Mentorship Programme seeks to address this disparity by offering mentorship opportunities to any woman exploring or pursuing a STEM career.

“Despite initiatives to tackle gender inequality in science, girls and women continue to be excluded from participating fully in the field.  Gender gaps in education pathways persist, limiting access, preparation, and career opportunities in STEM. We strongly advocate for closing this gap and hope this mentorship programme will be another stepping stone in this direction,” said Nichola Bates, Managing Partner at Aerospace Xelerated and Head of Global Accelerators & Innovation Programs at Boeing.

Aerospace Xelerated will match successful applicants for the AX Women in STEM Mentorship Programme with an experienced mentor who will work with them to build confidence and define and pursue their STEM career goals.

The AX Women in STEM Mentorship Programme is facilitated by the Aerospace Xelerated Accelerator Programme, which provides investment, mentorship, and support for startups and SMEs developing tech solutions for the aerospace industry and beyond.

Previous mentors from the Aerospace Xelerated programme have included Infinite Branches Founder and CEO & International Aviation Womens Association (IAWA) board member Shelley A. Svoren, Rachna Sharma Reiter, First Officer A320, easyJet, and Aiir Innovations co-founders Cassandra Kayleigh Loor and Miriam Huijser.