Advertising opportunities on the moon

Californian startup Astrolab, which will send its Flex rover to the moon in 2026, has signed a deal with Group of Humans, offering it the chance to test and advertise new products – on the moon.

Astrolab, with a team of experts with backgrounds at NASA and SpaceX, entered into a transportation agreement with Elon Musk's rocket company last year to launch its Flex rover to Earth's natural satellite.

Now, the company has also signed a deal with the creative agency Group of Humans to explore advertising opportunities on the lunar surface. This collaboration aims to offer brands a unique platform for displaying their advertisements directly on the moon, utilising the sides of the Flex rover. Designed for lunar exploration and to transport astronauts, the rover represents a novel medium for product placement far beyond traditional Earth-bound locations.

Rob Noble, Founder of Group of Humans, discussed the potential of this venture in an interview with The Times. He highlighted the rover's capability to carry up to 1.5 tonnes of equipment, emphasising the unique exposure and testing environment the moon offers. He further elaborated on the benefits of showcasing products in extreme conditions, suggesting that it could prove the durability and strength of a brand's products to consumers.

Astrolab's initiative marks a significant milestone in the commercialisation of space, opening the door to the possibility of advertising beyond Earth. As the project progresses towards its 2026 launch, it sets the stage for a new era of marketing where the moon could become the next frontier for brand visibility.