5 Reasons Why Exercise Can Boost Your Work Productivity

The past few decades have been all about the myriad physical benefits of a healthy diet and regular exercise. We all know about the improvements in our cardiovascular health, not to mention decreased blood pressure and much lesser risks of developing various diseases. 

Apart from that, new medical science has shown that there are many mental benefits as well as following a regular exercise routine. Even more recently, there has been a lot of research that has shown that there is yet another swell by-product of exercise. That is markedly improved productivity. Let us see for ourselves how we can boost our productivity via healthy exercise:

1. Exercise reduces fatigue

Even light to moderate exercise can easily help a person to fall asleep much more quickly and what is more, sleep more soundly as well. This has a lot to do with the fact that moderate aerobic or other forms of exercise aids in increasing the total amount of slow-wave sleep, or what we call deep sleep. And if you regularly experience seven to eight hours of deep sleep, you can rest assured that both your brain and body will awaken fully rejuvenated and fresh. Ready to take on the new day. Conversely, not being able to sleep properly increases fatigue and you feel more lethargic too.

2. Exercise helps to increase your energy levels

While it might seem counterintuitive to believe that more exercise leads not to exhaustion but higher energy levels, it is nonetheless true. As a matter of fact, the more you increase your heart rate with the help of a regular daily exercise routine, the easier it will be for your heart to pump blood. As a result, you will have more pep and energy to take on the day’s activities with new zeal. It is very simple really. The more active your body is physically, the more your energy capacity increases as well. The two are directly proportional. This holds particularly true when you push yourself a little harder every time you exercise. As your muscle’s capacity increases. So too are your energy levels similarly affected.

3. Exercise improves concentration quite substantially

Whenever you exercise, you are not just feeding and working your muscles alone, but also feeding your brain too. Exercise acts as an effective aid in keeping glucose, blood, and oxygen levels high. All of them are needed to provide energy to your brain. In the long run, it allows for much better concentration as well as more focus on important tasks. Apart from that, exercise has consistently shown that it helps to increase the overall mass and size of that area of the brain that is involved in regulating learning and memory functions. 

4. Cycling lowers the effects of anxiety and tension and improves mental well-being

Whenever you are stressed out or tense, your body will automatically feel it. It shows its discomfort through painful headaches, clenched muscles, or even a sore neck. Rest assured that anxiety takes as big a toll on the body as it does on the mind. Research has shown that if your body is stressed out along with your mind, it can lead to losing around 5 to 6 work hours in a 40 hour work week, on average. However, going out for a bike ride helps to relax your muscles and effectively relieve tension throughout the body.

Exercise, in general, is also a known causative factor for all kinds of positive changes in the brain such as reduced inflammation, neural growth, and various new activity patterns. To make things more fun, consider going from a traditional bike to a gas powered bicycle. All of these have the ability to help you feel calm and relaxed. This, in turn, leads to a more productive work week, since a relaxed person will almost certainly make fewer mistakes and be more productive than one on the verge of panic due to high levels of stress.

5.Use only high-quality gym equipment

You can get plenty of exercise with the help of high-quality gym equipment. Such equipment will not only help you in enjoying your workout but make it more fulfilling as well. 


Healthy exercise can help your mind, body, as well as your productivity. It increases energy levels and boosts your mood so that you remain productive throughout the workweek.