5 Reasons Using Translation for Your Business Is the Path to Global Success

So, your business has been doing great locally - but you don’t want to stop there. You want your business to expand on a global scale and reach out to customers across the world. You’ve already taken care of the international process lines you’re going to use to provide global customers with your products or services. But… have you thought about translation?

Expanding your business to international markets without utilising translation services isn’t going to work. There are tons of examples of businesses that went global but failed to expand in the international market due to language barriers.

To persuade you to get professional translations for your business and avoid mistakes which many other companies did, here are 5 reasons why translation is important for your firm’s global success.

It helps you reach out to international customers

Before international customers start buying what you have to offer, you need to convince them. You want them to know what you’re all about and what you offer that others don’t. And that’s not going to happen until you communicate with them in the most concise and clear way possible.

No matter how globalised the English language is, it’s still not the native language of the majority of countries on our planet. English is only going to work for a small percentage of the global market. In order to reach out to global customers and inform them about your presence in an effective way, you have to communicate with them in a language they’re native to.

When you communicate clearly and build a solid image of your offerings, you’re more likely to attract more potential customers.

It boosts your brand value

A business that pays attention to detail in its communication is, simply put, more attractive than a brand that doesn’t. Today’s customers are smart, and they do like to research their options. A brand that’s able to communicate with them in their native language is automatically more appealing to them.

To beat the tough competition and build a brand value higher than everybody else, you need to pay attention to translation.

It saves you from messing up and ruining your brand reputation

Let’s get this straight: not translating your marketing phrases can mess up your brand reputation big-time - and that’s not an overstatement. There are many examples from the past, coming from big brands like KFC and Pepsi, stating that lazy translation efforts can turn out to be messy.

When KFC chose a cheap way to get their slogan “Finger-Lickin’ Good” translated into Chinese, they ended up marketing their brand with “We’ll eat your fingers off”. Another example - Pepsi got their tagline “Come alive with Pepsi!” translated to “Pepsi can bring ancestors back from the dead!” for their Chinese marketing campaign.

Simply put, there’s no lazing around in brand translation. Get professional help from a firm that specialises not only in translation services but also eLearning localisation. You never want to end up making the same mistake KFC and Pepsi once did.

It saves you from legal complications

Many legal complications could arise from miscommunicated business processes. For example, if your business’s Terms of Service and Privacy Policy aren’t translated and communicated to the local customers clearly, you could end up getting sued depending on the severity of the error.

To save yourself from such legal hassles, make sure you get your legal documents translated professionally to the native language of the new market you’re trying to grab.

It benefits the healthcare businesses by a huge margin

If your business is linked to healthcare and medicine, translation is more important than ever for you. Effective communication between patients and their doctors is the key to a successful diagnosis and treatment.

Using translation to bridge the communication gap between doctors and patients is the right thing to do from both perspectives, i.e., ethical and business.

Final word

The translation is the backbone of successfully globalising your business and achieving the desired levels of success. It lets you communicate with the new market effectively and converts visitors into long-term customers.

Moreover, getting your brand’s legal documents and slogans professionally translated saves you a lot of potential problems.