The 3 Barriers To Overcome In Order To Reach Business Success

As a business owner - Identifying barriers and overcoming them is key to success. Jessica Williamson, successful entrepreneur and business coach has identified the three main challenges that create barriers in businesses.

These three barriers are: Mindset, Systems and Processes and Learning to Let Go. If a business owner is aware of what is holding them back and can work through these barriers, then they can grow into a successful and thriving organisation.

In this article, I will share insight on the three main barriers to overcome in order to reach business success.

1. Mindset

Decide on what you want and what success looks like to you.

Reflect deeply on what you want to achieve in your business and what it looks like to reach your goals. Then, believe that success is possible. 

Often, we are able to map out steps to get us ‘somewhere’, but if we don’t know where we are going we can end up totally lost. It’s like going to a new city without a GPS. Sure, you might stumble on beautiful hidden gems, but you’re not going to reach that goal because you haven’t really decided what it is and what it looks like! Ultimately, you will end up stressed and disoriented. 

Setting an end goal and believing in it means you can make a direct path towards it. It might sound simple but it’s actually one of the trickiest things to nail. 

A couple of extra tips on overcoming the mindset block:
  • The stories you tell yourself are super important, it’s fundamental that your frame of mind is aligned with your goals.
  • Don’t get caught up with what everyone else is saying or doing. We can get too caught up in what their success looks like, instead focus on what yours looks like.

2. Systems and Processes

Automate and adapt.

Processes and systems make your business flexible. Always think about what the things in your business are that you can automate, outsource, or systemise. For example, if you go from ten sales a day to thousands of sales a day, you need to make a change. You can’t physically do everything. Especially if you do your own packing and shipping too. You won’t be able to maintain your marketing plan and your business will ultimately go downhill. 

Instead, look into how you can automate or outsource. For example, you could set-up an automated campaign and automated order fulfilment process. Or use virtual assistants that will oversee the automated campaigns and order fulfilment.

A great idea is to create a process document to ensure your staff completely understand your procedures. Plus, if you ever have a business emergency or key staff leave, you will have something you can lean back on.

3. Learning to Let Go

The third mistake I see business owners making is not learning to let go. You don’t need to be running everything. Learn how to delegate and make sure that you’re constantly strategising. There are incredible reports and dashboards you can use to oversee your operations and make sure that everything is on track. 

The trick is finding the right people to work for you. The people you choose should elevate what you do so they’re giving you less work, not more. My advice is to keep your teams as lean as possible. For example, if it’s possible for you, have one or two people working on three roles. This also helps with cash flow and resources.

Overcoming these three main barriers holding your business back can lead you to streamline your operations, freeing your time and energy as the business owner and reaching new organisational successes.