2021: The Year to Explore, Dream & Discover

After being diagnosed with limb-girdle muscular dystrophy (a rare genetic disorder) at the age of 22, former investment banker Angus Drummond, was told his mobility would decline over the next few years until one day he would require a wheelchair. Determined to experience the best of what the world had to offer, Angus quit his job in London, and set off with his wife to explore 35 new countries.

After experiencing first-hand, the many challenges travellers with disabilities face, Angus was determined that travel should not be exclusive to the able-boded. On returning to the UK, Angus founded Limitless Travel, with the goal of empowering people with mobility restrictions and disabilities to have incredible, unforgettable experiences just like his. He has built a passionate team of people with disabilities, as well as people who have specialist knowledge about disabilities and the care industry, so that their customers would not only be listened to but understood first hand. 

The business originally started as an online blog/magazine, developing into an online travel guide and listings site, then into an online review site – “The Trip Advisor of Disabled People”. A year after launch the business pivoted to become a travel company and launched group tours for people with disabilities whereby all holidays are accessible and include specialist care.

This pioneering travel startup provides holidays and experiences designed for anybody and everybody making the world accessible to all, revolutionising travel for people with disabilities by reducing the worry and stress they face when booking a holiday and ensuring all their access needs are met. Run by an expert team, Limitless Travel uses fully researched and vetted, wheelchair-accessible and disabled-friendly transport and hotels along with professional, friendly carers and specialist equipment to provide holidays tailored for individual’s needs.  

Angus explains further: “As a startup in a sector which didn’t really exist before, we’ve had to work really hard to educate the travel industry around things such as wheelchair access and facilities for the visually or hearing impaired. Initially, some hotels and destinations showed no interest or saw it as too big a challenge, so we had to change our stance. When they realised they could attract a huge increase in customer bookings, many were persuaded to get on board.

The service we provide is innovative. The travel industry does not cater for the disabled community and for many people with a disability it is near impossible to go on holiday. The positive service we provide, giving people accessible holidays with care and support, enables many to travel who would otherwise be unable to.

As a startup entrepreneur, it’s very important that you should never be afraid to change direction; we’ve had to pivot and adapt to keep going. The strongest thing we have is a passion and drive to change the world. We have a mission statement that we will ‘send disabled people to space one day’. We are essentially saying that you can make a crazy big dream like ours happen if you believe in it enough.”