10 Unique Marketing Strategies to Give Startups a Boost

Marketing in the 21st century has become one of the biggest priorities for companies in all industries. Every year, it becomes important to show the general public your company still deserves their dollar and their support. People no longer settle simply for what they have ‘always known’ or what fits best in their budget.

They want to be impressed and have their attention grabbed instead; which goes a lot further than a few social media posts and calling it quits. Rather, it is crucial to constantly reinvent marketing strategies in order to show your consumers that you are still invested in competing for their business.

Here we are going to look through ten unique and creative marketing strategies to boost your business in 2021.

1) Content Marketing

The essence of content marketing is based around a company promoting education rather than simply influence. If you sell a product based to someone just reliant on influence, that influence may fade.

However, selling a product based on education around the product is known to have much more long lasting effects on sales.

2) Inbound Marketing

Inbound marketing is incredibly well known for being the most efficient and effective marketing strategy we can use as businesses. This is because it combines the uses of the other nine strategies I am detailing in this piece and produces content that is worthwhile for a consumer to look at in detail.

The premise of inbound marketing is to attract consumer attention with meaningful content rather than a three second blip of pointless advertising.

3) Search Engine Marketing

Search Engine Marketing (SEM) is one of the most well-known tools to businesses that minds first go to when they think about marketing. Many businesses over-utilise this tool, but if used correctly it can be a great addition to an already robust marketing strategy. Terence Howard, a business writer at Australia 2 write and Write my X , commented: “Search engine marketing is where companies pay search engines a remarkably high premium to catch the attention of relevant potential consumers through web traffic ads.”

These ads appear every time a keyword is searched, or a related topic is searched on this search engine. The company pays per click of their ad.

4) Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing is the newest addition to the 21st century influx of new marketing strategies, and this one is a beast. Regina Rowland, a marketing writer at Brit Student and Next Coursework, noted: “Social media is based on algorithms that show people what it believes they will take the most liking to, and the same goes with the advertising that is placed on social media platforms.”

Social media marketing is a fantastic way to provide targeted marketing strategies to segments of the market.

5) Search Engine Optimisation

Search engine optimisation strategies assist businesses in getting to the top of the search results, in short. Consumers rarely look past the first page of search results and almost always tend towards choosing the first three.

6) Segment & Target

The worst thing a business can do is to churn out generic marketing. It is important to understand your target market and who your main customer base is and to market to them primarily.

7) Personalised Marketing

Personalised marketing can be labour intensive and time consuming to do but is extremely rewarding. Psychologically, people love to feel special, it is just the way of the world.

8) Referral Program

Referral programmes are different for every business. Some businesses simply work on word of mouth alone and do not need a built-in system, and others really benefit from a system like this. It all depends on your business. Many customers trust recommendations, so it is beneficial.

9) Attend Trade Shows

If your company does not simply just want to focus on online marketing strategies, these are a great way to connect with people relevant to your industry as well as influential figures to promote your brand to.

10) Join Forces with Other Businesses

There is never weakness in asking for help or realising that you need it. If your business is not garnering the following that you hoped for, or you just want a little help; partnering with a larger business and collaborating is a great idea.

Marketing is a crucial aspect of business operations. Without it, the consumer base would never expand, and the market would become stale. Markets thrive of competition, and competition is driven through effective marketing. Hopefully these ten unique strategies will give your business a good jumping off point!