Rodez AF Partners with Wiremind for enhanced ticketing

Rodez Aveyron Football (Rodez AF) has entered into a strategic collaboration with Wiremind to upgrade its ticketing management and operations. This partnership heralds a new era for the club's ticketing system, as they integrate the all-encompassing ticketing management platform, EVENTORI, into their existing system.

Simplifying Ticketing for Rodez AF

EVENTORI represents an up-to-date solution - designed to modernise ticketing operations in the sports and events industries. Emphasizing user-friendliness and functionality, the platform offers a comprehensive suite of tools for seamless back-office operations, interactive front-office, CRM, access control, and more.

By choosing to implement the full range of EVENTORI's capabilities, Rodez AF showcases its forward-thinking approach and commitment to delivering a seamless experience for its loyal fanbase. The club can now benefit from an efficient back-office, a visually captivating front office, and smooth operations.

Colin Girault-Matz, Wiremind's CEO, expressed his enthusiasm about having Rodez Aveyron Football as one of their clients. He described the collaboration as more than a mere business alliance, emphasising the meeting of minds with a shared vision of shaping the future of sports ticketing through EVENTORI. Rodez AF's dedication to innovation and their desire to actively contribute to the ongoing development of the platform resonates perfectly with Wiremind's vision.

Forging a Strategic Alliance

The partnership presents transformative possibilities for Wiremind. As a strategic partner, Rodez AF is poised to make a significant impact on the evolution of EVENTORI, working in tandem with Wiremind. Wiremind eagerly anticipates integrating the club's feedback and fostering a close working relationship to propel their product to new heights.

Thomas Escourbiac, Stadium Manager at Rodez Aveyron Football, noted that partnering with Wiremind was a strategic decision aligned with their vision of enhancing the football experience for their fans. Impressed not only by the platform's usability and automation capabilities, but also by the customer-focused approach of the Wiremind team, Rodez AF is enthusiastic about actively contributing to EVENTORI's continuous improvement and product-scope evolution.

Steering into the Future of Ticketing

The partnership's core objective is to simplify and invigorate the process of building commercial offerings through innovative technologies and industry best practices. With both parties dedicated to propelling the evolution of sports ticketing, this alliance promises exciting innovations in the near future.