Effortless Wellbeing: 5 Lazy Low Effort Steps to Happiness

In the ever-growing world of startups, success can often be equated with long hours, piles of workload, and overwhelming stress. But, as a legal professional of 35 years and now a best-selling author of 'The Lazy Guide to Happy: Effortless Joy for the Time-Crunched and Nearly Burned Out', I’m here to challenge this narrative.

Alongside my career as a Barrister, I have built a business as a Clinical Hypnotherapist, and Evidence-Based Positive Psychology and Resilience Coach, and I combine my legal expertise with a passion for empowering individuals starting up a business to lead fulfilling lives and reach goals with happiness.

My book provides some evidence-based low-effort tools that fit seamlessly into your busy life to help you feel well and happier, and here I will share five lazy low-effort steps to happiness.

Science tells us, we have a massive 40% influence on how we feel - no matter what our genetics and what the world has given us, so, let’s pursue happiness.

  1. The Three Blessings Technique - Allow me to share with you my absolute favourite, an empirically proven positive psychology intervention, a practice I affectionately call "the three good things" or "the three blessings." At the end of each day, take a moment to reflect on three positive occurrences and why they had a positive impact on you. It could be as simple as a pleasant encounter or an achievement. This nightly ritual not only primes my mind for a positive night's rest but also nurtures gratitude within me, significantly enhancing my overall well-being so I would recommend it to everyone for the best end to a night and a feeling of freshness into the following morning.
  2. Mindful Moments - Navigating the whirlwind of entrepreneurial endeavours can be overwhelming, to say the least. Amidst the chaos, we all need to remember the importance of mindful moments. Whether it's a quiet break in the office or a brief escape to a tranquil spot, I love to spend a minute or two focusing solely on my breathing. This simple act can provide a much-needed pause, reduce stress levels, and enhance your ability to navigate the demands of your startup journey.
  3. Acts of Kindness - In the fast-paced startup world, I’ve come to appreciate how small gestures often have significant impacts. I wholeheartedly encourage my fellow founders to engage in daily acts of kindness. It could be as effortless as sharing a warm smile with a passing stranger or taking a moment to send a thoughtful message to a friend. Embracing the concept of being "selfishly unselfish," I've witnessed firsthand how these small acts not only positively influence others but also contribute significantly to my wellbeing. Join me and challenge yourself, to undertake five small acts of kindness every day for a week, observing the transformative power it brings.
  4. Flow Activities - As startup owners, we often find solace in activities that fully absorb us. I am a big advocate for incorporating "flow activities" into your routine. Whether it's immersing myself in a captivating book, whipping up a batch of my favourite baked goods, or engaging in a beloved sport, these activities effortlessly elevate my mood and contribute to my overall sense of well-being, and we should always make time for these small actions with great impacts.
  5. In-Person Social Connections - As the startup landscape becomes increasingly digital, I have found in-person social connections to be a great deal, they are so important for our focus, self-development and networking. Instead of relying solely on virtual meetings, I make a conscious effort to see friends in real life, and attend networking events, and I love to socialise. Whether it's a coffee date or a walking meeting, these personal connections strengthen relationships and provide a sense of balance in the midst of a hectic entrepreneurial journey.

By embracing these lazy, low-effort steps, as a startup owner myself, I have learnt to prioritise my well-being without sacrificing a busy schedule. My approach aligns with the belief that true success starts from within, and happiness is not a distant aspiration but an achievable reality, even in the demanding world of startups. It's time for founders to integrate these simple practices into their routines and discover that the path to success is intertwined with a happy and fulfilling life.